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19 Sep

Thank you visiting my blog, and welcome.

My main reason for signing up is to bring the truth back to where it belongs – within easy access. How many of us have questioned fiction versus reality, lie versus truth? Notice that, alphabetically, there is a reason that nonfactual descriptors are listed first. Not only do they precede the truth by letters, it has been scientifically proven that it only takes one thousandth of a second for a person to think of a lie and speak it. It takes approximately one thousand seconds for a person to think of the truth before discarding it.

Here is where those myths are exposed and replaced with the facts.

Shall we admit it? There aren’t enough people in the world who are willing to take a closer look at what’s being revealed and ask questions. Instead of readily accepting what we hear, see, and witness as an automatic truth, let’s grab onto the information that has been presented. Grab it, and pick it up. Look at every side, muster the courage to express your doubts, and separate the lies and truth.

Let us learn together.


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